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Hello my name is Raymond Sobrino Jr.   I have a Bachlor of Arts in English from California Lutheran University.  I am married with three children.  I enjoy hiking and photography.  I am a small business owner and an exterminator by trade.  This is why I chose insects as my key players in my books.     I enjoy spending time with friends and family.  I wrote my first book titled below and hope that it builds self- confidence to small shy children as they go through school and life.  We are all different but all have a special gift to share to the world. 

Ralphie the Roach

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I am working on second book  it will be out later  2018.  Again it's for kids K-3rd. grade.

I will be at Bank of Books at 748 E. Main St. in Ventura signing Ralph the Roach on November 10th.  The time will be from 1-3 pm.  Ralphie the Roach  is also going to Frankfort Germany for it's book faire out there.    If in Germany check it out. Anything else please email me with questions. 

Ralphie the Roach

 I am the author of a new children's book titled Ralphie the Roach.  It is the story of young roach who is tormented by a Honey Bee because the roach is ugly and dirty,   The roach learns that we are all different and each have our own gifts to give to the world. 

The book launched on December 5th. 2017. It is on sale on Amazon.   It is a book for young children Kindergarten to 3rd.  or 4th. grade.   It teaches the lesson of respecting others, not to bully anyone because they look different or come from a different neighborhood.